AI810 3BSE008516R1 Flexible Port Portfolio

AI810 3BSE008516R1

Technical Parameters:

  • User defined tag-based programming for descriptive I/O naming
  • Simple-to-use instructions and Easy math to eliminate complex ladder logic rungs
  • Application tools for quick access to setup, programming, debugging and PAC control
  • Task Manager for quick and easy prioritization of Ladder Logic code
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AI810 3BSE008516R1 Flexible Port Portfolio

AI810 3BSE008516R1 supports Ethernet, WIFI, mobile hotspot and 4G networking.
Support Ethernet PLC and touch screen, PLC and touch screen and serial port touch screen, as well as inverter, servo, and a variety of instrumentation on the remote download programme monitoring, remote debugging.

The AI810 3BSE008516R1 switch won the 2020 German Red Dot Product Design Award for its outstanding design, standing out from more than 6,500 entries. This was due to the compact size of the series, the robust housing and the tool-free and easy installation of the modules. This award reaffirms Moxa’s commitment to delivering high-quality products that meet the needs of a wide range of applications, striving for the optimal balance of flexibility, reliability and ease of use.

AI810 3BSE008516R1 meets the continuous expansion needs of industrial networks. MDS-G4000 series provides Class 5 4-port interface modules and 2 types of power supply modules, which can be flexibly paired to connect an ever-increasing variety of devices. the compact size of the MDS-G4000 series, combined with DIN-rail, wall-mounted, and rack-mounted* mounting options, allows for flexible on-demand deployments in narrow chassis, underground, outdoor, and other harsh industrial environments, outdoor and other harsh industrial environments.