ALSTOM 502476L KCEU14201F51PEB Modern distributed control systems

502476L KCEU14201F51PEB

Product Parameter

16-point, 12-24 VDC current sinking output module,

2 common terminals, 0.25A/point continuous

over-current trip 0.6A min, 1.2A max,

independent over-temperature protection for each output

removable terminal block

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502476L KCEU14201F51PEB Modern distributed control systems

502476L KCEU14201F51PEB is based on open communication standards and utilises EtherNet/IP as its backbone network. The result is that every corner of the organisation has easy access to real-time information so that managers can make better business decisions. Better business decisions are made by leveraging virtualisation and mobility, convergence of IT/OT and COTS hardware, reductions in energy consumption of up to 10% and a systematic defence-in-depth approach. Protecting Your Information

502476L KCEU14201F51PEB can choose the best implementation and support team for your PlantPAx DCS needs. We can deliver the system and other world-class solutions, or you can choose to be supported by a local process system integrator with whom you have an ongoing relationship.

Whether you need to design, build, maintain or improve your manufacturing plant or facility, 502476L KCEU14201F51PEB can provide you with support that covers the entire lifecycle. From the plant floor to the top floor, organisations need a global partner that understands their industry to deliver on lifecycle strategies. rockwell Automation offers you ingenuity through a combination of domain expertise and technology. We can support you in all phases of the lifecycle, doing everything we can to help you grow your business and enable you to create more value for your customers.