ASML 4022.455 Analogue Input Modules

ASML 4022.455

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ASML 4022.455 Analogue Input Modules

ASML 4022.455 can directly acquire and process all types of signals: current, voltage, all types of thermocouples, all types of RTDs, frequency and pulse, electrical PT and CT signals. The module adopts a reinforced structural design, all I/O modules and power supply modules are fully enclosed structure, dustproof, anti-static and anti-electromagnetic interference. All I/O adopts photoelectric isolation technology to achieve electrical isolation from outside and electrical isolation from road to road.

ASML 4022.455 analogue input module is carefully designed to allow signal types to be mixed, voltage signals, thermocouple signals, transmitter signals can be accessed from the same module, the module can also provide power for the transmitter, which brings convenience to design and construction. Redundant power supplies and power distribution devices are used for all levels of power supply. The SFC configuration mode supported by the module is suitable for describing complex sequential control logic, the programme structure is intuitive and easy to understand, and when the design complexity is increased, the amount of SFC programme only shows a linear increase. With the technology of SFC, the control level and application range of NT6000 will be further improved and expanded.

ASML 4022.455 decentralised control system supports fieldbus application, which is capable of obtaining process data and diagnostic information from transmitters, actuators, electrical protection devices and other intelligent control devices with digital communication, in order to improve the accuracy and speed of signal transmission, reduce investment, and improve the level of intelligence and informatisation of the field equipment.ASML 4022.455 has a wide range of industrial Ethernet-based ASML 4022.455 has multiple fieldbus redundancy solutions based on industrial Ethernet, and will be able to support high reliability mixed applications of Hart, Profibus, FF, Can and other fieldbuses.