Bently 125720-01 Redundant Design Transformer

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Bently 125720-01 Redundant Design Transformer

Redundant Design Transformer
125720-01 in the process of automatic water supply, PLC real-time detection of pool water level, if the water level is lower than the set alarm level, the buzzer sends out a water shortage alarm signal; if the water level is lower than the set shutdown level, stop all the pumps to prevent the pumps from dry pumping, and sends out a shutdown alarm signal; if the pool water level is higher than the upper limit of the pool level is set, the automatic shutdown of the pool water supply pipeline motorised valve gate.

125720-01 power supply will be suddenly cut off, if no one is on duty, after the recovery of power supply if the system can not start will result in water cut off, this system is set up after the power supply automatic frequency conversion start mode. After the power supply is restored, PLC will issue a command and the buzzer will issue a warning, and then the 1# pump will be started by frequency conversion according to the automatic operation mode until it runs steadily at the given water pressure value.

125720-01 Inverter Failure From the consideration of redundancy design principle, uninterrupted water supply is also required in case of inverter failure. When the frequency converter suddenly fails, the buzzer alarm, PLC sends a command to make all the pumps shut down, and then 1 # pump frequency operation (if the pump power is greater than 37KW, you need to use the reduced voltage start or other startup), after a certain delay according to the pressure changes and then make 2 # pump frequency operation. At this time, PLC switching pumps according to the actual water pressure changes in the frequency pump switching. When there is no water pool shutdown, motor undervoltage, overvoltage, wrong phase, motor failure, etc., can be issued by the buzzer alarm. When conditions permit, MODEM module can be added, inverter, motor failure can be dialled through the remote communication port to call the duty personnel, notify the relevant personnel to come to the maintenance. After all the faults are solved and restored to normal, an alarm signal should also be issued before the self-start.