BENTLY 3500/92 136180-01 Standard Fieldbus

BENTLY 3500/92 136180-01

Technical Parameters

Linux system

Unique Smartlink technology

SSL data encryption

Support 4G full network pass

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BENTLY 3500/92 136180-01 Standard Fieldbus

BENTLY 3500/92 136180-01 system is equipped with perfect engineering management functions, including multi-engineer collaborative work, configuration integrity management, single-point configuration online download, etc., and provides perfect operation records and fault diagnosis records. As an open control platform, BENTLY 3500/92 136180-01 system integrates the latest fieldbus and network technologies and supports the access of international standard fieldbuses such as HART, FF, PROFIBUS, MODBUS, EPA, etc. as well as the comprehensive integration of various heterogeneous systems.

The BENTLY 3500/92 136180-01 system meets international standards for safety and immunity to interference in industrial use environments. The whole system, including power supply modules, controllers, I/O modules and communication buses, etc., is redundant, and the IO modules have channel-level fault diagnosis and complete fail-safe functions. The system is equipped with single-point online download function of configuration, which can ensure the safe and continuous stable operation of the site.

BENTLY 3500/92 136180-01 system integrates various standardised software and hardware interfaces, is compatible with digital signals conforming to fieldbus standards and traditional analogue signals, and provides open interfaces conforming to HART, FF, PROFIBUS, MODBUS, EPA and other standard protocols.