Bently 3500/93 135785-01 Thermal Redundancy Power Modules

3500/93 135785-01

Product Parameter

Support 4-way LAN

Support SIM card adaptive dialling

Support 4G, WIFI, LAN network automatic switching

Support RS232 or RS485

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Bently 3500/93 135785-01 Thermal Redundancy Power Modules

3500/93 135785-01 Features.
Power supply module hot standby redundancy, support for dual grid input, over-voltage, over-current protection; control network and system network are dualized redundancy; control module
Dual redundancy, zero switching time, to ensure the continuity of control; no user programming, as long as the configuration can automatically realize the redundant design of configuration
Support module and network self-diagnosis, module can be plugged and unplugged with power, online repair, easy maintenance
Real-time data power-down retention, redundancy check, rapid recovery, to ensure system information security

3500/93 135785-01 Upgrade to GUS Operator Station: Upgrading the US Operator Station to GUS will greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the system’s Operator Station, while the developability of the GUS Operator Station and the Windows-based platform operation mode will enhance the overall system performance. The company’s unique MICRO TDC3000 LCN bus converter, breaking through the MICRO DC3000 system two TOWER up to 8 nodes of the limitation, you can increase the GUS and other nodes (up to 64).

3500/93 135785-01 Based on the level of development of computers at the time, the configurations were outdated, basically using DELL’s GX1 series of computers with NT operating systems. Therefore, these computers are now entering a high failure period, a serious threat to safety production, has been unable to meet the current user production, especially when doing data acquisition needs, often failures or damage, small memory, small hard disk, slow processing speed and other unfavorable factors. If you look for the original manufacturer, the upgrade cost is too high, most users can not accept. Haitian Weiye Automation Company has very successful experience in this area, can retain the original software without upgrading the case, using the latest configuration of the computer to upgrade the original operating station to meet user needs.