B&R 7EX470.50-1 Digital output relays


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B&R 7EX470.50-1 Digital output relays

7EX470.50-1 In the choice of programming language, whether to program with ladder diagram or statement table or use function diagram depends on the following points:

(1) Some plc using ladder diagram programming is not very convenient (such as writing is not convenient), then available statement table programming, but the ladder diagram is always more intuitive than the statement table.

(2) Experienced personnel can use statement table direct programming, just like using assembly language.

(3) In the case of clear single-sequence, selective-sequence or concurrent-sequence control tasks, it is preferable to program the program using a function diagram.

The safety of 7EX470.50-1 is of the first importance. Even if the programmable controller malfunctions when an abnormal power supply occurs externally, the whole system can work in a safe state, and the following safety circuits should be set up externally to the programmable controller: emergency stop circuits, protection circuits, interlocking circuits for opposite operations such as positive reversal, interlocking circuits to prevent damage to the upper limit/lower limit line of the positioning, etc. etc. to prevent malfunctions caused by misoperation.

7EX470.50-1 Programming should be based on theory and practice. Start from the simplest, step by step. For example, learning Siemens plc programming can be written at the beginning of some only include digital, and then consider analogue, in addition to timers, counters are often used. You cannot have the same two outputs in a programme. For example, if 1 output q0.0 exists in the previous programme, it should not be followed by another one, unless it is a sub-function, and it should be ensured that the outputs in the main function and sub-function should not be duplicated as well, otherwise plc will only consider the latter.