CI854K01 3BSE025961R1 Communication Integrated Controller

CI854K01 3BSE025961R1

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CI854K01 3BSE025961R1 Communication Integrated Controller

CI854K01 3BSE025961R1, as one of the typical representatives of embedded chips, has been widely used in the field of information industry.
Although DSP provides a good hardware support platform for the development of 3C products, designers still have to spend a certain amount of time to master the correct settings of various registers within the DSP, software programming methods and control algorithms, which will inevitably increase the difficulty of product development, extend the product development cycle, thus affecting the efficiency of the development of the latest launch of the Matlab company for the control system of the DSP application and the development of embedded target module Embedded Target for TI C2000 DSP can solve the above problems. Matlab’s latest embedded target module for DSP application control system Embedded Target for TI C2000 DSP can solve the above problems, the user through the use of the module, not only can carry out the system-level simulation of the circuit, but also compile and generate the corresponding C code, and download to the target board, run the programme directly, the algorithm for the exploration of the design and verification of the idea, to improve the development efficiency.

CI854K01 3BSE025961R1 Advantages:
1) Automatically test and execute Simulink simulation models on TI C2000 DSP;
2) Provides modular systems and functions such as PWM, ADC, CAN, and target on-board memory;
3) Generate documented easy-to-read and editable C code and generate Code Composer Studio project files;
4) Perform automated real-time testing on the F2407 eZdsp evaluation board and the F2812 eZdsp evaluation board;
5) Modular support for the IQmath Library introduced by TI, which can be used for simulation and code generation;
6) Can perform design, simulation, automatic calibration and code generation work for fixed-point systems.

CI854K01 3BSE025961R1 controllers are integrated together for means of system development. Simulink models are transformed into real-time C code through Real-Time Workshop and TI’s development tools, so that these products can be used to achieve automated code generation, product prototyping, and embedded system implementation on TI C2000 DSP systems (e.g., F2812 eZds evaluation boards and F2407 eZdsp evaluation boards, etc.), and real-time algorithm verification, greatly improving development efficiency.