CI871K01 3BSE056767R1

CI871K01 3BSE056767R1

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CI871K01 3BSE056767R1

CI871K01 3BSE056767R1 adopts multi-level anti-interference measures, so that the system can work in harsh industrial environments with strong electrical equipment. The stability and reliability of operation is very high, PLC whole machine average trouble-free working time up to tens of thousands of hours. With the development of computer technology, PLC’s function is also more and more strong, more and more convenient to use, so the use of industrial control systems in an increasingly wide range. However, the high reliability of the machine is only to ensure that the system works reliably in the premise, but also must be used in the design and installation of PLC systems in the process of the appropriate measures to ensure that the system works reliably. This paper mainly discusses the design and installation of PLC systems in the process of interference measures.

The basic idea of CI871K01 3BSE056767R1 is one-point dual-use or round-order multiplexing. That is, when the button is pressed for the first time, the output requirement is high; when the button is pressed again, the output requirement is low; when pressed again, it is high again, and so on. This will save an input point, when the system has more switching control can save more input points, such as the host ON and host OFF, paper seat and paper seat, can be only one input point to control. To achieve “one point, two uses” programming methods, such as the use of internal auxiliary relays, timers, counters, shift instructions, etc., this paper introduces only a few simple methods.

CI871K01 3BSE056767R1 according to the requirements of the production process, a variety of lights, inverter / digital DC governor start stop should be used transistor output, which is adapted to high-frequency action, and a short response time; if the output frequency of the PLC system for less than 6 times a minute, it should be preferred to the relay output, using this approach, the output circuit is simple to design, anti-jamming and load carrying capacity. Relay output should be preferred if the output frequency of PLC system is less than 6 times per minute.