DIAS DNC115 Virtual DCS System


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DIAS DNC115 Virtual DCS System

DNC115 system is a comprehensive project integrating design management science, simulation technology, computer technology, and nuclear power engineering knowledge fields. It adopts simulation integration support platform, supports online modification and debugging of models, perfect database management function, simulation operation management function, and I/O and network control function. It is mainly used to train nuclear power operators and improve the quality and ability of nuclear power plant operators, which is the key to ensure the safe and reliable operation of nuclear power plants. The simulation system is also an important means of verification for the improvement of power plant design and the change of operation regulations.

The DNC115 is the next generation of integrated control products taken stand-alone or with open Ethernet Modbus/TCP connectivity. Offering a mix of processing, logic, and sequential control algorithms combined with data acquisition, modular design, and graphical configuration tools, the HC900 DCS control system is easily adapted to many applications in industry. The DNC115’s easy-to-use Windows-based Hybrid Control Designer software tool graphically configures controllers and options. Type 4X local operator interface saves configuration time and costs. Run mode configuration editing capabilities plus monitoring minimize processing interruptions, saving startup time and improving continuous processing.

Uses of DNC115

  • Effectively train operators
  • Conducting operating licence examinations
  • Support for cyclical emergency drills at power stations as required by the National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA)

Learning, verifying and validating the design and modifications of the plant I&C system (V&V platform), including: computer-based HMI sections in the control room, process control functions, plant operation/emergency procedures, optimising plant control and operation, analysing plant transients, etc.