DO3201 DO3201-A-V001 Electro-hydraulic Converter

DO3201 DO3201-A-V001

Technical Parameters:

  • User defined tag-based programming for descriptive I/O naming
  • Simple-to-use instructions and Easy math to eliminate complex ladder logic rungs
  • Application tools for quick access to setup, programming, debugging and PAC control
  • Task Manager for quick and easy prioritization of Ladder Logic code
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DO3201 DO3201-A-V001 Electro-hydraulic Converter

DO3201 DO3201-A-V001 Features
●The control system is designed in accordance with the principles of “failure protection” and “safe self-locking”.
●The electro-hydraulic converter adopted has strong anti-pollution ability, no jamming and stable operation;
●The speed measuring template adopts a three-choice redundancy mode;
●The adoption of double redundant LVDT displacement sensors;
●The master control unit, system network, power supply module and important I/O modules of the control section adopt redundant configuration;
●I/O modules, master control unit, and power supply can be plugged and unplugged with electricity;
●All I/O modules are intelligently designed.

DO3201 DO3201-A-V001 Main Functions
●Speed control: start-up and up/down speed control of the unit, primary frequency regulation function, and isolated network operation of the power generation turbine unit;
●Power control: unit load lifting and stabilising control;
●Pumping steam pressure control: it can realise thermo-electric draw regulation, heat-determined power operation control, and power-determined heat operation control;
●Main steam pressure control: closed-loop control of main steam pressure of the unit can be achieved for the unit;
●Automatic grid-connection function: cooperating with the automatic quasi-simultaneous device, it can complete the function of automatic grid-connection with initial load;
●Coordinated control (CCS): it can co-ordinate with DCS system to complete the coordinated control function of the machine and furnace;
Over speed protection (OPC): when the unit is load shedding, it can inhibit the rotational speed from soaring to prevent the steam engine from tripping;
●Power, main steam flow and adjustable pumping flow limitation function;
●Overspeed protection test (mechanical overspeed protection test, electrical overspeed protection test function), valve activity test, valve tightness test, and grid connection test;
Simulation test: the system has offline simulation test function;

DO3201 DO3201-A-V001 Performance indexes
●Speed adjustment range 0~3360r.p.m
●Speed control circuit control accuracy ≤1r/min
●Overshooting amount at maximum speed ≤3r/min
●Speed retardation rate of control system ≤0.06 per cent
●Maximum overspeed at full load ≤7% of rated speed, and can maintain idling
●Average continuous running time MTBF ≥25000 hours
●System availability rate ≥99.9%
●System control cycle less than ≤50ms
●System has anti-interference measures, anti-interference of all kinds of electromagnetic wave and communication equipment on site.