DSAI130A 3BSE018292R1 Photoelectric converter

DSAI130A 3BSE018292R1

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DSAI130A 3BSE018292R1 Photoelectric converter

DSAI130A 3BSE018292R1 system is a comprehensive project integrating design management science, simulation technology, computer technology, and nuclear power engineering knowledge fields. It adopts simulation integration support platform, supports model online modification and debugging, perfect database management function, simulation operation management function, and I/O and network control function. It is mainly used to train nuclear power operators and improve the quality and ability of nuclear power plant operators, which is the key to ensure the safe and reliable operation of nuclear power plants. The simulation system is also an important means of verification for power plant design improvement and changes in operation regulations.

DSAI130A 3BSE018292R1 supports field buses based on CAN2.0A/B protocol: CAN, DeviceNet, CANOoen, SDS, NMEA2000, SAE J1939, SAE J2284 and other standard buses, independent dual-bus electrical interfaces and two fibre-optic interfaces, redundant dual-bus structure and fibre-optic redundant ring network function, for redundant dual-bus structure and fibre-optic redundancy. Redundant dual-bus structure and redundant optical fibre ring function, providing redundant optical fibre long-distance transmission and relay function for redundant dual-network system.

DSAI130A 3BSE018292R1 Features:
Adopting Stimulation and Emulation, it realises exactly the same human-machine interface and DCS functions, which is easy to maintain.
Stores and loads ICs quickly, taking less than 1 minute.
Provides IC management tool, which is compatible with the original generated IC when DCS application software is upgraded.
Supports comprehensive playback functions, including operation playback on the HMI.
Support fault simulation function, can simulate all faults supported by the actual DCS