DSQC661 3HAC026253-001 Inverter Speed Controller

DSQC661 3HAC026253-001

Technical Parameters:

  • Full lineup of 36 discrete, analog and specialty PAC I/O modules
  • Local, Expansion and Remote I/O bases, up to 115,000+ I/O points
  • Auto-discover local and remote PAC bases, I/O and GS drives
  • Hot-swappable I/O, No module placement restrictions, No power budget limitations
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DSQC661 3HAC026253-001 Inverter Speed Controller

DSQC661 3HAC026253-001 has many advantages such as small size, multi-functionality, ease of use, etc. It is suitable for use in the design of inverters of different powers. The application of intelligent power modules to design frequency control controllers can greatly simplify the hardware design, shorten the product development cycle and improve the performance of the system. IPM modules launched at different stages, the internal design technology used in the differences in the integration of a variety of protection functions are not the same.

The IGBT module driver inside the 6-unit IPM module of DSQC661 3HAC026253-001 requires 4 independent isolated power supplies, one independent power supply for each of the 3 upper bridge arms, and a common power supply for the 3 lower bridge arms, which leads to an increase in the size and design difficulty of the system switching power supply. The system control part, i.e., MCU or DSP control circuit and power circuit part need to be electrically isolated to ensure the safety of the control circuit. The main signals that need to be isolated are: the 6-channel PWM signals that realise the inverter control.

DSQC661 3HAC026253-001 module output fault protection signals; voltage detection signals and so on. Due to the development of power device integration technology, some manufacturers, such as Japan Mitsubishi, Japan Toshiba, the United States Fairchild, etc., using bootstrap power technology, the introduction of a single power supply IPM, which makes it necessary to provide only one way to the IPM module to provide a drive power supply, which provides the possibility of realising the system co-location.DSQC661 3HAC026253-001 is a fourth-generation IGBT power module used to drive a low-power (1.5kW) motor. 1.5kW) DC-AC power conversion for motors.