E69F-B12-S Independent Task Modules


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E69F-B12-S Independent Task Modules

E69F-B12-S is based on time-sharing multi-tasking operating system, the PCC application can be divided into several independent task modules, which brings great convenience to the development of the project application software, because it can be conveniently compiled according to the different functional requirements of the various parts of the control project, such as data acquisition, alarms, PID regulation and operation, communication control, and so on, and prepare the corresponding control programme modules ( task).

E69F-B12-S both independent operation, and its data to maintain a certain degree of correlation between them, they are independently compiled step by step and complete debugging, and then downloaded to the user program storage area of the PCC, in the time-sharing multi-tasking operating system under the scheduling management of parallel operation. In this multitasking system, according to the different needs of different tasks for real-time performance, the designer can specify different priority levels and determine their respective cycle times, so as to achieve a definite time-sharing multitasking control. Even if a task is in a waiting state, other tasks can continue to execute.

The operation mechanism of the E69F-B12-S adopts the modular programming idea of large-scale application software, which brings about an improvement in project development efficiency and a flexibility unmatched by conventional PLCs. Because the idea of multi-tasking makes the functional description of each task module more clear and concise, the user can develop their own characteristics but not lack of generality of the independent function module, and encapsulate it so that it can be reused in other applications later.