EMERSON 1C31122G01 Compact Programmable Controller


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EMERSON 1C31122G01 Compact Programmable Controller

The 1C31122G01 features an integrated PROFINET interface, powerful integrated process functions and flexible scalability, providing simple communication and effective solutions for a wide range of process tasks, especially to meet the completely different automation needs in a variety of applications. The S7-200 PLC is an ultra-compact PLC, which is suitable for automatic detection, monitoring and control in a variety of industries and in a variety of situations.The powerful functions of the S7-200 PLC make it possible to realise complex control functions regardless of whether it operates as a stand-alone machine or is connected to a network. The S7-200 PLC is available in 4 different basic models with 8 CPUs.

1C31122G01 modular medium-sized PLC system to meet the requirements of medium and small-scale control; a variety of performance modules can be very well suited to meet and adapt to automation control tasks; simple and practical distributed structure and general network capabilities, making the application very flexible; fanless design of the structure, so that the user’s maintenance is more convenient; when the control task is increased, it can be freely expanded; a large number of integrated functions Make it very powerful.