EMERSON 5X00489G01 Water Tower Water Level Control System


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5X00489G01 Water Tower Water Level Control System

5X00489G01 of the water tower water level control for the rough, basically no reasonable control of the pump, and more human control work intensity, dangerous. So in addition to the waste of electricity, but also caused the waste of personnel. The use of new plc control of water supply with the old control method compared to the past in the operation of the economy, reliability, stability and other aspects of the significant advantages, especially in the promotion of low-carbon situation has a very good energy-saving effect, and because of the plc’s powerful scalability can be adapted to the future development needs of urban water supply construction.

5X00489G01 sensor will indicate the liquid level of the analogue signal input plc, and then by the plc to analyse the data, after processing the corresponding output control, output control for the pump, solenoid valves and alarm lamp control. 5X00489G01 respectively, each with a liquid level sensor, in order to measure their respective high and low water levels. They transmit data to plc (programmable logic controller), and then by plc data processing, comparison, and finally output control pumps and solenoid valves.

5X00489G01 system through the plc start, when the pool level is lower than the pool sensor lower limit level, the solenoid valve opens, began to fill the pool with water, when 5s later, if the pool level does not exceed the lower limit level of the pool sensor, then the system issued an alarm. Alarm form for the light alarm, the performance of the red indicator light flashes every 0.5s. To be the water level began to rise and was detected by the corresponding level sensor is automatically extinguished. If the system is normal, at this time the pool sensor lower limit level to plc input a fixed value now water level is higher than the lower limit level. When the water level is higher than the upper limit level, the solenoid valve closes to stop filling water into the pool.