EMERSON A6110 Digital Inputs


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EMERSON A6110 Digital Inputs

In a control system, although there are some process quantities of high real-time requirements, but at the same time there are more process quantities of real-time no special requirements, if the same refresh rate to deal with them is actually a waste of system resources, and the cycle scanning mechanism also leads to the system processing cycle depends mainly on the size of the application program, such as the program complexity of a large number of scanning cycle will inevitably be lengthened! This is undoubtedly contrary to the requirements of I/O channels for high real-time. Therefore, it is widely used in frequency, phase measurement and PWM (pulse width modulation) and other time processing occasions that require very high precision, the A6110 integrates a variety of communication interfaces, the A6110 is also a highly open product, configured with a variety of communication modules, the A6110 all digital inputs have been isolated by opto-electronic coupling, analogue inputs are also filtered by RC, so it has a very good anti-electrical isolation. All digital inputs of A6110 are optically coupled and analogue inputs are RC-filtered, which makes A6110 highly resistant to electromagnetic interference.

A6110 summarises all switching devices into eight types according to their signal characteristics. It can be seen that the input and output signals of these switching devices are relatively simple, but according to the operating requirements of beer production, the operating functions of the switching devices should be more complete in order to improve the flexibility of the equipment operation.A6110 analyses the functions of the corresponding operating menu bar for the operating characteristics of the eight types of devices

A6110 features: 1. using the original industrial-grade DID narrow LCD screen, specially designed for monitoring, media advertising, and other industries, can work for a long time. 2. the highest end of the international industrial-grade built-in power supply, high temperature resistance, can work in harsh environments, long life. 2. the highest end of the international industrial-grade built-in power supply, high temperature resistance, can work in harsh environments, long life. 3. the world’s leading industrial-grade liquid crystal display technology solutions, completely eliminate the phenomenon of trailing and flickering, to ensure that the motion picture is clear and stable. 4. modular box structure design of the display unit, easy to install and maintain. 5. six-axis splicing seam adjustment technology, can effectively reduce the splicing edge seam. 6. HDMI, YPbPr, S terminal, DVI, VGA and other multi-channel signal input interface. 7. Less than 8ms fast response, 178 degrees wide viewing angle. 8. Aluminium alloy shell design, durable, excellent heat dissipation performance, strong anti-interference ability. 9. narrow edge design, the physical splicing of the frame is only 6.7mm. 10. modular mounting bracket design, to overcome the overall mounting bracket is not easy to extend the shortcomings. 11. 11. According to the expansion needs, the site can easily add rows and columns of brackets, construction is simple, reduce the user system expansion costs. 12. ultra-thin design, can be embedded (monitor wall, wall), wall-mounted, suspended, floor mounting.