FBM201 High Precision Automation Module


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FBM201 High Precision Automation Module

FBM201 includes three series, 2005, 2003 and X20 CPUs. Due to their openness in network communication and modularity in structure, these three series of PCCs are again very flexible in the way and size of the control system they constitute. The X20 series of PCCs launched by Berkeley in 2007 has become the universal choice for complex and flexible automation systems such as high-precision machine automation and high-reliability process automation.

FBM201 is based on Intel X86 Processor technology and adopts Runtime real-time operating system, adhering to the qualitative time-sharing multi-tasking control characteristics of Berkeley PCC, and can be programmed in a variety of engineering programming languages in line with the IEC61131-3 standard, as well as in Automation Basic and ANSI C. The main board of X20 CPU integrates various kinds of programming languages. The main board of the CPU integrates a variety of communication interfaces, including RS232, standard Ethernet interface TCP/IP, industrial real-time Ethernet interface Ethernet POWERLINK, and two USB.

The FBM201 adopts a pluggable CF card as the storage medium. the CPU is a highly open product, the communication module series includes CAN, Ethernet POWERLINK, Profibus, DeviceNet, Modbus, RS485/422, RS232, etc., which is convenient to expand and compatible with all kinds of mainstream field buses on the market, reflecting its openness. The main board of CP3486 has three communication module interfaces.