FBMSVH FOXBORO Simulator Modules


Technical Parameters:

  • Full-featured ProductivitySuite FREE PAC programming software (a $495 value!)
  • Hardware auto-discovery
  • All project files (program, tag name database and all the program documentation) in the CPU
  • Advanced instructions and task management boost program speed and efficiency
  • Run-time editing and easy data logging on CPU
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FBMSVH FOXBORO Simulator Modules

FBMSVH is the processing core of the control system, making full use of some special function modules provided by it to achieve the acquisition of servo positioning and displacement data, and using the text display TD400C with double-row function keys to operate and monitor the data, set the parameters, fault alarms, etc. The FBMSVH has four points of input and one point of physical output channels, all of which can be connected to the two kinds of input/output signals: current or voltage. The three displacement sensors output 4-20mA analogue signals and only one analogue module is required.

FBMSVH provides a variety of forms of pulse output drive function, can be conveniently connected to a variety of drives, positioning and stepping control; its maximum pulse output frequency up to 200KHZ, can achieve accurate positioning, because of the need to control two servo drives in this project, so the use of two positioning modules for control. The position control wizard in the programming software can be used to easily configure the position control parameters and variables without complex programming, which provides manual control of the speed mode, absolute or relative position mode, reset of the current positioning data, preset motion trajectory, mechanical gap compensation and other functions.

FBMSVH text display TD400C provides double rows of 8 keys and four rows of display, the arrangement of the keys can be convenient to achieve the equipment start-stop, lift, in and out of the operation, etc., this text display can display 80 different screens, and in the different screens can be defined in the different functions of the keys, so that the number of keys has been greatly expanded. The programming software also provides a text display wizard, which can define the display screen and key variables, so that the required functions can be easily realised during programming.