GDB021BE05 HIEE300766R0005 Composite function blocks

GDB021BE05 HIEE300766R0005

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GDB021BE05 HIEE300766R0005 Composite function blocks

GDB021BE05 HIEE300766R0005 The module has a PROGR insertion key on the panel to insert the test memory 70SP02, which is used in conjunction with the programming box 70SK02 or 70SK03, etc., for programming and debugging the user’s list of instructions, and also to read out the list of instructions and modify them. It is also possible to modify and adjust the compound function instructions.

GDB021BE05 HIEE300766R0005 The instruction list is a user-written programme. This programme is written in P10 language. It includes calls to basic function blocks and compound function blocks. The memory for these instruction lists is two parallel EPROMs, which can be used for 2,048 or 4,096 lines. The memory range can be 2,048 or 4,096 lines. The selection is made via jumper plug S41.

GDB021BE05 HIEE300766R0005 The programme is terminated by the instruction “END”. If for any reason the instruction “END” is not processed for more than 120 ms, all outputs to the local bus are blocked at this time and an internal fault signal SME is generated, which is signalled by the alarm lamp ALARM. the PM866K01 is a user-programmed function block in the P10 language, which is frequently reused. It is called from the instruction list, and any number of composite function blocks can be stored in the programme memory as long as the memory capacity of the memory is not exceeded.