GE DS200DCFBG1BGB Recessed Circuit Board Module


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GE DS200DCFBG1BGB Recessed Circuit Board Module

DS200DCFBG1BGB grounding relative to the neighbouring motor start-up control cabinet frequency control cabinet and other take a separate grounding treatment: with a large cross-section 70 mm2 copper core insulated cable connected to the field station PLC device cabinet ground terminal, and then connect it directly to the grounding electrode, grounding electrode made of 80 mm × 50 mm × 6 mm copper plate. After testing the grounding resistance of the grounding electrode is less than l Ω, the grounding electrode buried in the electrical control room from the building 10 m ~ 15 m away, and the PLC system grounding point and the proximity of the strong electrical equipment grounding point more than 10 m apart.

DS200DCFBG1BGB is a kind of linear optocoupler isolation principle, the input signal will be first through the semiconductor device modulation transformation, and then through the optical or magnetic sensing device isolation conversion, and then demodulation transformation back to the original signal before isolation or different signals, and at the same time, the power supply of the signal after isolation isolation processing. Ensure the absolute independence between the transformed signal, power supply and ground. As long as there is interference in the place, the input end and the output end of the middle plus this product, generally can effectively solve the problem of interference. Now is an important part of the industrial automatic control system.

DS200DCFBG1BGB PLC system digital, analogue input and output points are numerous, the problem of false connection of the terminals sometimes affects the stable operation of the system and normal display. For this problem, we have taken regular inspection and fastening measures, and received good results.