GE SR760 1219-0003 Signal Isolation Conditioner

GE SR760 1219-0003

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GE SR760 1219-0003 Signal Isolation Conditioner

The GE SR760 1219-0003 is a 2-wire voltage signal isolation and distribution module that enables the distribution of voltage signals from 2-wire voltage input distribution transducers and bridge (weighing) detection circuits. It contains a current signal modulation circuit, an electromagnetic isolation circuit and a signal reduction and demodulation circuit. The supply voltage range is 12-32VDC, the input equivalent resistance is small, the linearity is high, and the isolation voltage between signal input and output can reach 2500VAC. The module can realise the function of isolating the voltage signal output of two-wire voltage input distribution transducers and bridge (weighing) detection circuits.

The GE SR760 1219-0003 is energy efficient, safe and explosion proof. The distributor can distribute 16V~21.5V for two-wire sensors, which is convenient for some two-wire passive sensors’ functions of power supply, signal measurement and remote transmission. The output of the distributor is designed for the two-wire power supply circuit (field explosion-proof function) with 24VDC and sampling resistor (load resistor) in series, which is compatible with the analogue input/output control ports of commonly used analogue input/output interface boards (upper and lower computer), PLC, DCS or other data acquisition equipment.

The GE SR760 1219-0003 controls the linear transmission accuracy and linearity of analogue signals through comparative regulation and feedback amplification circuits, without the need for a separate power supply, and adopts a two-wire distribution loop output method. The IC contains internal current signal modulation and demodulation circuits, signal coupling and isolation conversion circuits. The small input equivalent resistance enables the IC to achieve an ultra-wide range of signal voltages collected from the sensor circuit.