GE VME-7807RC-410001350-93007807-410001 K Field Power Bus Modules

GE VME-7807RC-410001350-93007807-410001 K

Technical Parameters:

  • User defined tag-based programming for descriptive I/O naming
  • Simple-to-use instructions and Easy math to eliminate complex ladder logic rungs
  • Application tools for quick access to setup, programming, debugging and PAC control
  • Task Manager for quick and easy prioritization of Ladder Logic code
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GE VME-7807RC-410001350-93007807-410001 K Field Power Bus Modules

ge vme-7807rc-410001350-93007807-410001 k
Features 2-channel Type A power relay outputs and 12-channel Type C power relay outputs for use with other remote I/O and PLC and SCADA systems. It can be used to trigger alarms, fans, heaters, and other relay output devices. It supports WEP, WPA and WPA2 wireless encryption and DHCP network configuration. It also supports a paired connection mode, allowing it to be paired with another Wi-Fi I/O module to trigger an output. The module makes it easy to integrate wireless connectivity into monitoring and control systems. the WFM-R14 also supports Modbus TCP and UDP protocols and network encryption configurations for seamless integration into SCADA software, providing users with easy and secure access anytime, anywhere.

The GE VME-7807RC-410001350-93007807-410001 K allows for simple remote maintenance via a web server. The integrated display on the fieldbus module also ensures that information is not only available on the machine monitor but also directly in the control cabinet. The fieldbus module provides a single interface to the factory bus for all connected safety devices, helping to minimize installation efforts. Third-party devices can also be connected directly via the integrated I/O. The safety device diagnostics are also scalable and support a modular machine structure. With Safety Device Diagnostics, the same sensors can be used for conventional wiring or Safety Device Diagnostics.

GE VME-7807RC-410001350-93007807-410001 K Safety Device Diagnostics provides data on partial operation, voltage spikes and dips, temperature effects, switching cycles, bounce and RFID identification as diagnostic information. All other diagnostic data provided by each sensor makes preventive maintenance easier, minimizing downtime. The module can send sensor data over long distances to a remote LoRaWAN gateway in harsh RF environments and, with the added benefit of the BLE connectivity option, can send sensor data to smartphones and tablets for local configuration, control or data visualization.