GE VMIVME 2540-300 Multi-loop controller

VMIVME 2540-300

Technical Parameters

◆ Interface: TTL, RS-232, RS-485 by user’s choice;
◆ Transmit and receive as a whole, half-duplex communication, data sending and receiving conversion is completed automatically, as long as the interface to receive / send data, conversion time is short;
◆ Can be used for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, multi-point-to-point and other communication combinations.
◆ Transparent data transmission, can transmit longer data frames;

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GE VMIVME 2540-300 Multi-loop controller

VMIVME 2540-300 control functions include PID control operation, feed-forward compensation control operation, ratio control operation, etc., which should be determined according to the control requirements.PLC is mainly used for sequential logic control, so most of the occasions often use a single-loop or multi-loop controllers to solve the control of analog quantity.

VMIVME 2540-300 also adopts specialized intelligent input/output units to complete the required control functions, improve the processing speed of PLC and save memory capacity. For example, the use of PID control units, high-speed counters, analog units with speed compensation, ASC code conversion unit.