GE VMIVME-7750 Protocol Communication


Product Parameter

Support 4-way LAN

Support SIM card adaptive dialling

Support 4G, WIFI, LAN network automatic switching

Support RS232 or RS485

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GE VMIVME-7750 Protocol Communication

The project monitoring screen of VMIVME-7750 has: text display, production process display (including animation, bar graph display, etc.), alarm, personnel operation, trend curve, etc. Our system architecture is to make a program based on the main dialog box. These different screens are then expressed in sub-dialogs.

The VMIVME-7750 main dialog is responsible for initializing the serial port, opening the serial port, starting the serial port reading thread, etc.; while the sub-dialogs send various commands to the serial port at regular intervals or according to the needs, and then read back the answers to the commands through the threads of the main dialog, and then provide them to the user in certain forms in the sub-dialogs for monitoring the site operations. The main technology is serial communication. Here we focus on the realization of the communication.