GE VMIVME-7807-411001 VMIVME-7807 Bipolar Analog Input Module

GE VMIVME-7807-411001 VMIVME-7807

Technical Parameters:

  • CPU with 7 communication ports and LCD display
  • Serial ports for master/slave or custom device connections
  • USB local I/O expansion, Ethernet remote I/O
  • Plenty of discrete and analog I/O modules, display on analog modules
  • Easy drive integration
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GE VMIVME-7807-411001 VMIVME-7807 Bipolar Analog Input Module

GE VMIVME-7807-411001 The VMIVME-7807 hardware module provides connectivity to Ethernet-APL and application software that can be easily configured to implement the behavior required by the appropriate field device. commModule-APL comes with a pre-installed PROFINET stack. It provides a configurable application data model and command mapping to migrate existing HART and Modbus devices to Ethernet-APL without writing a single line of code. Commands can be assigned to HART or Modbus using the included commScripter utility. commModule APL has passed comprehensive EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and environmental testing, as well as conformance testing of the Ethernet-APL Physical Layer and the PROFINET protocol (PA Profile 4.02). It is also pre-certified according to ATEX and IECEx. These features significantly reduce the effort, risk, and time required to develop device hardware.

The GE VMIVME-7807-411001 VMIVME-7807 module utilizes the latest Intel Atom processor E3800 SOC family with performance scalability from 1.4GHz single-core (Intel Atom E3815) to 1.9GHz quad-core (Intel Atom E3845) with a single SODIMM The ETX-BT supports all of the legacy I/O of previous ETX modules on the market and extends the life of expiring ETX-based systems for another seven years, bringing new levels of performance and allowing access to the latest cloud services. As a direct replacement for older ETX modules, the ETX-BT supports all legacy interfaces of the ETX form factor, such as dual PATA IDEs with master/slave, ISA bus, PCI bus, serial/parallel ports, Intel-based 10/100Mbps LAN, analog VGA and LVDS.

GE VMIVME-7807-411001 The VMIVME-7807 Interface Module provides eight isolated high-resolution, 16+ bit, general purpose bipolar analog inputs. This allows the IntelliLogger models IL-80 and IL-20 to increase the number of channels to a possible total of 128 inputs. The recently introduced IntelliLogger data logger is a self-contained, autonomous data collection and web server for monitoring, logging, and reporting temperature, pressure, flow, power, strain, and more. It is used in critical applications for global industry for remote monitoring, R&D, testing and process control improvements.