HIEE200130R0002 AFC094AE02 Hardware controller

HIEE200130R0002 AFC094AE02

Technical Parameters:

  • User defined tag-based programming for descriptive I/O naming
  • Simple-to-use instructions and Easy math to eliminate complex ladder logic rungs
  • Application tools for quick access to setup, programming, debugging and PAC control
  • Task Manager for quick and easy prioritization of Ladder Logic code
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HIEE200130R0002 AFC094AE02 Hardware controller

HIEE200130R0002 AFC094AE02 hardware equipment in the controller, card parts by the aerospace industry head office of the collaborative production, production and inspection process in accordance with the corresponding aerospace industry standards, strict, harsh production and inspection process to ensure that the hardware equipment has a high degree of reliability. In the special environmental test chamber, after the high intensity cyclic aging from 0 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, effectively eliminating the early failure of the product, to ensure that the hardware products factory qualified rate and long-term stable and reliable operation, thus ensuring the overall quality level of the equipment.

HIEE200130R0002 AFC094AE02 adopts switching technology to obtain a high power density and low aspect ratio type chassis. This design platform provides a very reliable power supply that can be used continuously for many years. This unique design is suitable for use in all ranges of low ripple and noise power supplies (voltage range: 8V to 600V; current range: 1.7A to 350A). Voltage, current and overvoltage protection can be set via the 10-position potentiometer-controlled user interface on the front panel. The LCD display indicates the status of over-temperature, programming, shutdown and over-voltage protection.

HIEE200130R0002 AFC094AE02’s 16-bit resolution Ethernet programming and hardware triggering provide detailed process testing related to battery fluctuation simulation.The DCS series has strong load regulation performance, which makes it a suitable power supply for automotive component verification, acceptance testing and aging testing. The 20V model, in particular, can be used for a complete set of tests simulating battery status. Extreme testing of components rated at 12V and 14V, such as electronic control units (ECUs) and electromechanical components, is easily realized.