HIMA 90100

HIMA 90100

If you need to inquire or purchase ,please send the product models to my email or call me directly .

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HIMA 90100


  1. We are mainly engaged in European and American brand accessories, such as motors, displays, drives, servos and so on.
  2. Many products are not yet on the shelves, please contact us for more products.
  3. If the product model is not consistent with the display picture, the model number shall prevail. If you need specific product pictures, please contact us, we will arrange to take photos at the warehouse to confirm.
  4. We have 16 shared warehouses around the world, so please understand that it may take a few hours for us to get back to you accurately. Of course, we will reply your question as soon as possible.

HIMA 90100

Item Status: New

Quantity: 1 unit 1 piece

Actual Weight: 7.8kg

Dimensions: 31x14x11


Please provide your current phone number to avoid delaying your delivery! Thank you!

Prices of our items are subject to quotation, please note that all item prices include postage.

We offer a one year warranty on the products we sell!

We will endeavor to show you a video of the item in action as well as photos before dispatch. Please look out for the video and photos in our subsequent postings.

After payment for the item is cleared, the item will arrive at most destinations worldwide within 4 to 7 days. A tracking number will be provided.

Please check if the item you purchased is suitable for your application. If our item was purchased by mistake and needs to be returned, we will not support refunds!

Thank you.

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