HIMA F35 Collective control systems


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HIMA F35 Collective control systems

F35 In plc systems, the structured statement description programming language is often used to describe the relationships of variables in a control system. It is also used for programming and configuration of centralised control systems. Structured statement description programming language uses computer descriptive statements to describe various arithmetic relationships between various variables in the system to complete the desired function or operation. Most manufacturers use statement description programming language and basic language, pascal language or c language and other high-level language is similar, but for the convenience of application, in the expression of the statement and the type of statement and so on are simplified.

The F35 structured programming language has the following characteristics:

(1) the use of high-level language for programming, can complete the more complex control operations;.

(2) It requires certain knowledge of high-level computer programming languages and programming skills, and requires higher skills of programmers, which cannot be completed by ordinary electricians; and

(3) Poor performance in terms of intuitiveness and ease of operation; and

F35 is often used for the implementation of some control functions that are more difficult to achieve using other languages such as function modules. plc’s manufacturer provides users with a simple structured programming language, which is similar to the mnemonic programming language, and has certain limitations on the number of steps of the program, and, at the same time, provides an interface with the interface between the plc or the communication connection between the programmed method, which provides the user with a margin of expansion of the application.