HONEYWELL 05701-A-0325 Detection feedback device


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HONEYWELL 05701-A-0325 Detection feedback device

05701-A-0325 According to the CNC feed servo system with or without position measurement feedback device can be divided into open-loop CNC system and closed-loop CNC system. Open-loop servo system without position feedback, is the simplest servo system in the CNC system, the driving element is mainly for the power stepping motor. PLC issued by the command pulse, through the drive circuit amplification sent to the stepping motor, the motor output shaft turned over a certain angle, and then through the synchronous toothed belt and screw nut driven screw and spring seat up and down. The angle of the stepping motor shaft is proportional to the number of command pulses, and the size of the rotational speed is proportional to the frequency of the command pulses.

Because there is no detection feedback device, the errors of various parts of the system, such as the step error of the stepping motor, the mechanical system error, etc. are combined into the position error of the system, so the accuracy is low, and the speed is also limited by the performance of the stepping motor, low-speed is not smooth, and high-speed torque is small. 05701-A-0325 is simple in structure, easy to control and adjust, and it is generally used in the light-load, low load change, and the accuracy requirement is not high. occasions, in the economic CNC machine tools and ordinary machine tools in the transformation of the use of more. In the process of solving the spring detection, compression size accuracy error requirements of 0.1mm, so the servo system control mode using open-loop control.

05701-A-0325 By parsing the information received in the computer buffer, judgement processing, complete the spring detection process of real-time dynamic display, data logging, limit alarms, fault diagnosis and other operations; on the other hand, through the PLC to send control information, complete the servo system high-frequency pulse signals, switching signals, the input. serial communication between PLC and the computer is through the PLC The serial communication between PLC and computer is done through the RS-485 serial port on the controller and the RS232 serial port on the computer, and the PLC control selects the corresponding working mode through the “calibration, manual, automatic” selector switch.