IC687BEM713B Network Management Switch


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IC687BEM713B Network Management Switch

The IC687BEM713B’s system network, control network, controllers, power supply modules, and I/O modules can be configured redundantly with no single point of failure. Optical isolation is adopted between the system bus and modules, the system power supply and field power supply are isolated for power supply, and the module channels are electrically isolated from each other.The IC687BEM713B system is based on the design of harsh industrial environments, and the anti-electromagnetic interference complies with the IEC61000, and the corrosion prevention capability meets the requirements of the G3 level of the ISA S71.04 standard.

IC687BEM713B system network adopts deterministic real-time Ethernet, equipped with switches with firewalls; the controller CPU adopts industrial-grade chips with PowerPC architecture and built-in anti-network storm components; IC687BEM713B controller and I/O modules are equipped with intelligent diagnostic units, and each module can carry out perfect self-diagnostics and fault reporting for communication status, signal disconnection, short-circuit, and over-range. The IC687BEM713B controller and I/O modules are equipped with intelligent diagnostic units. A large number of safety system design concepts have been adopted, such as signal quality level judgement, fault-oriented safety, and all transmission data are calibrated to improve system reliability.

IC687BEM713B supports P-TO-P (peer-to-peer), C/S (client/server), P-TO-P and C/S (hybrid) three system network structures. Supports industrial Ethernet connections in star, ring or bus topologies. Compatible with various field buses, supporting HART, PROFIBUS-DP, PROFIBUS-PA, MODBUS and other protocols. Feature-rich HMI human-machine interface, control algorithm programming software in line with IEC61131-3. Supports user-defined function blocks and script languages.