IC693CPU374 Medium and High Voltage Soft Starter


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IC693CPU374 Medium and High Voltage Soft Starter

IC693CPU374 in the development process of medium and high voltage soft starter DP head, hardware design due to the amount of control, fast computing speed, real-time, so the use of TMS320F2407 as a control chip, P89C52 microcontroller as a management chip, SPC3 as a PROFIBUS-DP protocol converter chip, the use of dual-CPU (DSP, P89C52) to separate the control and management, which improves the stability and reliability of the system; in the software design, taking into account the high real-time requirements of the system communication, all the procedures related to the communication with SPC3 are realised with interrupts.

IC693CPU374 uses PLC as the master station, PC (monitoring software winCC) as the monitor, medium and high voltage motor solid state soft starter as the slave station, the motor model is a Zenith brushless excitation synchronous motor (voltage 6000V, current 445.5A, capacity 4000kW, speed 300r/min)), the exciter (voltage 181V, current 192A, capacity 60kVA), and the exciter (voltage 181V, current 192A, capacity 60kVA)). 192A, capacity 60kVA, speed 300r/min); through the PROFIBUS-DP bus, the waveforms of the motor current during the soft-starting of the medium- and high-voltage motor (the load is no-load) are obtained in the WinCC monitoring interface

The IC693CPU374 microcomputer consists of a number of components (plugged into the baseboard), including the CPU, memory, disk drive, and serial/parallel ports. Some computers are based on IBM PC (ISA bus) plug-in modules, others are implemented as stand-alone systems on a single board (no backplane), and others are single board computers (SBC) based on a backplane bus (VME/VXI)