IC698PSA100 Modulation Demodulator


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IC698PSA100 Modulation Demodulator

The IC698PSA100 contains internal current signal modulation and demodulation circuits, signal coupling and isolation conversion circuits. The very small input equivalent resistance enables the IC to capture signal voltages from the sensor loop over a wide range (7.5-32V) to meet the user’s need for long-distance, distortion-free signal transmission without the need for an external auxiliary power supply.

The IC698PSA100 is designed for a 2-wire power supply loop with 24VDC and a sampling resistor (or load resistor) in series, and is compatible with the analog input/output control ports of commonly used analog input/output interface boards (upper and lower units), PLCs, DCSs, or other data acquisition equipment in the field. The product is very convenient to use, only need to connect an external 50KΩ multi-turn potentiometer for ADJ correction, can realize the two-wire 4-20mA signal isolation, transmission and transmission function.

IC698PSA100 series isolation amplifier is a magnetically isolated hybrid IC, the IC integrates a multi-isolated DC/DC converter power supply and a set of magnetically coupled analog signal isolation amplifiers on the same chip, which adopts the low-cost scheme of magneto-electric coupling and is mainly used in occasions where there is no special requirement for EMC (electromagnetic interference). The wide creepage distances on the input and output sides and the internal isolation measures enable the chip to reach 3KVDC insulation voltage. ISO EM series products are very easy to use, free of zero and gain adjustments, without external adjusting potentiometer, can realize the isolation and conversion function of 0-±10V/0-±20mA bi-directional DC signals in the industrial field.