IC698PSA350D Multithreaded Component Structure


Product features
14 channel 150V high voltage isolated DI module
DI with Source type and Sink type
Optically coupled isolation
16-bit counter function for all channels

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IC698PSA350D Multithreaded Component Structure

IC698PSA350D control engineering application software platform is based on Windows XP/Win7 multi-tasking real-time operating system, and adopts multi-tasking and multi-threading component structure design, which integrates hardware diagnosis and redundancy configuration of I/O module module, distributed real-time database, real-time execution of control algorithms, graphic monitoring and real-time operation, massive historical database, alarm record and event record, Engineering design document support and other functions in one.

IC698PSA350D control engineering application software platform adopts component structure design and 32-bit multi-tasking, multi-threading, multi-platform technology, integrating on-site data acquisition, algorithm execution, real-time and historical data processing, alarms and safety mechanisms, process control, animation display, trend curve and report output, and monitoring network functions.

Main functional features:
The system automatically recognizes the type of module and realizes plug-and-play;
Optical isolation between the field signal and the system, isolation voltage up to 1500V;
Isolation between channel and channel, channel failure does not affect the normal work of the rest of the channel;
The system power distribution adopts +24V power supply which is independent of the system power supply to ensure complete isolation from the system power supply;