IC698PSA350E Collective control system


Control functions
Direct indication of channel readiness via LEDs
Safe and fast installation
Quick module identification
Individual channel identification marking strips

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IC698PSA350E Collective control system

IC698PSA350E module of its own overcurrent protection function, when the module due to its own faults caused by the current input is too large, with self-protection, when the fault is removed from the module to return to normal operation; configure a combination of industrial terminal blocks, cancel the cage, the cage base plate, terminal boards and their connecting cables, convenient for users to use and maintain; can be built-in input voting algorithms, output voting algorithms, input / output Self-test and fault reporting mechanism can be built-in input voting algorithm, output voting algorithm, input/output self-test and fault reporting mechanism, and various redundancy combinations of single-redundancy and dual-redundancy can be adopted to configure redundancy scheme by module; configure UW5371 digital input terminal block or UW5372 dual-redundancy digital input supporting terminal block.

IC698PSA350E centralized control system is based on fully intelligent, fully digital, fully networked design; realizes mixed integrated control of process control, logic control, sequence control and equipment control; supports advanced control and process optimization strategies; is a new generation of master control system with high reliability, high security, high adaptability, large-scale features, high quality and stability. Control station size: AIO:512, DIO:1024; system size: AIO:10752, DIO:21504.

IC698PSA350E System built-in all the switching and analog input voting algorithms, output voting algorithms, input/output self-test and fault reporting mechanism, only need to configure the input subsystems, control subsystems, output subsystems, and focus on the development of the application logic can be; Input module, control module, output module, you can use a single redundancy combination of single-weighted, dual-weighted, triple-weighted various redundancy combinations, you can Point-by-point configuration redundancy, flexible configuration redundancy program, in order to ensure the reliability of security based on saving money;