IC698RMX016-ED Decentralized Control System


Embedded dual watchdog function
4 kV ESD protection
3750 VDC isolation
Wide operating temperature: -25°C ~ 75°C

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IC698RMX016-ED Decentralized Control System

IC698RMX016-ED is an industrial automation product integrating computer, network, database and automatic control technology, fully realizing the integrated design of control and information, with open structure and good hardware compatibility and software expandability. It can be applied to decentralized control and process automation control and information monitoring and management in thermal power station, hydroelectric power station, metallurgy, chemical industry, paper making and other industries.

IC698RMX016-ED decentralized control system is suitable for large-scale and complex industrial process control applications, and through tailoring, it is also very suitable for the requirements of small-scale applications, and it can comprehensively or individually realize the following functions: data acquisition and processing and monitoring of the production process (i.e., DAS); production process regulating and controlling (i.e., MCS); and switching quantity control or logical sequence control of the production process (i.e., SCS);
Furnace combustion safety monitoring system (i.e., FSSS); electrical control system (i.e., ECS); turbine bypass control system (i.e., BPS); turbine digital electro-hydraulic control system (i.e., DEH); turbine emergency trip system (i.e., ETS)

IC698RMX016-ED system has no host and no communication manager, realizing complete redundancy in physics and logic, and achieving multiplicative 2X2 redundancy, so that any failure will be confined to a limited range and will never lead to the collapse of the system, which truly realizes decentralization of function and danger. Multi-broadcast domain design flexibly realizes public system control without increasing network load. The human-machine interface is developed on the platform of the excellent operating system Windows NT, and the use of its OLE technology, Active X technology and multi-threaded processing mechanism makes the human-machine interface more colorful, easy to learn, easy to use and smooth to operate.