IC698RMX016 VMIVME-5567-100 Soft Starter

IC698RMX016 VMIVME-5567-100

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IC698RMX016 VMIVME-5567-100 Soft Starter

IC698RMX016 VMIVME-5567-100 installs water level transmitter in the water supply system’s cistern, installs pressure transmitter and flow transmitter in the total outlet pipe, detects the water level, pressure and flow rate, converts them into 4~20ma signals, and inputs them into the plc’s analog input module, and then the detected pressure signals and the pressure set through the touch screen go through the pid operation.

IC698RMX016 VMIVME-5567-100 adjusts the speed of the pump motor by controlling the output frequency of the frequency converter to keep the water pressure constant; at the same time, through the water level detection, according to the level of the water level to open the number of water wells and adjust the reverse osmosis system’s water production capacity. At the same time, in the touch screen monitor can display the current of each motor, frequency, water level, water pressure, frequency and frequency operation time and the operation status of each pump. The system information can also be released to the network through the intranet of the enterprise, and the remote diagnosis and control of the system can be carried out through the network.

IC698RMX016 VMIVME-5567-100 start vacuum pump pumping vacuum, if meet the requirements, then 1 # pump frequency AC contactor suction, motor and frequency converter connected, at the same time open the # 1 pump solenoid valve, through the detection of the size of the pressure, plc after pid operation, at this time, the frequency converter’s output frequency from 0hz began to rise, if the pressure is not enough, then rise to 50hz, after the time delay, through the soft starter After a delay, through the soft starter, the #1 pump will be switched to industrial frequency, and then start the #2 pump, and so on, until the water pressure reaches the set pressure.