IC800SSI228RD2-CE Communication Manager


Main Advantages
Supports high speed counting up to 1MHz
Reversible counting direction
Integrated digital output
Direct connection to incremental encoders
Galvanic isolation from the backplane bus

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IC800SSI228RD2-CE Communication Manager

IC800SSI228RD2-CE is a two-wire 4-20mA signal loop type isolated distributor with energy-saving, safety and explosion-proof functions. The distributor can distribute 16V~21.5V for two-wire sensors, which is convenient for some two-wire passive sensors’ power supply, signal measurement, remote transmission and other functions. The output of the distributor is designed for the two-wire power supply circuit (on-site explosion-proof function) with 24VDC and sampling resistor (load resistor) connected in series, which is the same as the analog input and output commonly used in the field.

IC800SSI228RD2-CE matches the analog input/output interface boards (upper and lower units), PLC, DCS or other data acquisition equipment, and the analog input/output control ports of ISO 4-20mA-F products. When the product is used, the power supply and signals on the external sensors on the input side are coupled from the output by the 4-20mA distributor module, which can be used by PLC, DCS or other data acquisition equipment. The electrical signal can be controlled by PLC, DCS, industrial control machine, when the need to collect data to the sensor power, do not need to turn off the power and signal, so as to achieve energy-saving, explosion-proof function, you can realize the site of multi-point data collection and control, but also to extend the service life of the sensor.

IC800SSI228RD2-CE is a two-wire 4-20mA signal isolation conditioner, its main purpose is to solve the PLC/DCS control system and sensors, the upper computer, the lower computer and other data acquisition, actuators and other signals between the tampering and conflict. The principle is to use linear optocoupler to isolate the signal input and output circuits, and control the linear transmission accuracy and linearity of analog signals by comparing the regulation and feedback amplification circuits, without the need for a separate power supply, and adopting a two-wire power distribution circuit output mode.