ICS T8151B Communication Module


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ICS T8151B Communication Module

T8151B utilizes an existing 2T boiler to heat the cleaning solution (mainly composed of water, containing an appropriate proportion of sodium hydroxide and metal surfactant formulation) in the hot wash tank through a bypass pipe. Considering the large volume and quality of the oil pipe, manual transportation is inconvenient, and the hot wash room is in a high temperature dangerous environment, so the mechanical roller transmission, cylinder lifting and mechanical chain lifting device, and by magnetic, photoelectric or mechanical travel switch on the oil pipe to limit or control the action of the roller, cylinder.

T8151B The whole process system design adopts T8151B as the control core. the CPU21 itself has 16 digital I/O points, which are extended by external input module T8151B four pieces and output module OC222 three pieces as the function of the I/O ports, in order to meet the needs of the design. the PLC is connected with industrial control machine through COM port. The PLC is connected to the industrial control machine through the COM port and combined with KingView software to realize the computer monitoring and operating functions.

T8151B Cleaning oil pipe enters the pipe rack in the hot washing pool through the transmission line, and comes into full contact with the cleaning liquid in the pool, and carries out heat exchange, and the crude oil inside and outside the wall of the oil pipe melts, strips off, and floats to the surface of the cleaning liquid. The oil pipe is raised above the liquid surface by the chain lifting device for the first water control. After the completion of the water control is still lifted by the chain lifting device to the diameter of the transmission line. The diameter transmission line is turned, the oil pipe will be sent to the inner wall rinsing machine, the inner wall rinsing. After flushing is completed, the through-diameter transfer line one reverses, the oil pipe backs up to the through-diameter transfer line one under the material sensor, the through-diameter under the material flap action, the oil pipe is turned over to the through-diameter transfer line two.