ICS TRIPLEX T8311 Expander Interface


Main Advantages
Supports high speed counting up to 1MHz
Reversible counting direction
Integrated digital output
Direct connection to incremental encoders
Galvanic isolation from the backplane bus

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ICS TRIPLEX T8311 Expander Interface 

T8311 whole system has many monitoring points, complex screen, and the cycle of self-designed monitoring software is longer and more difficult, so the upper computer is prepared by the advanced configuration software – KingView 6.01. KingView is a full Chinese interface configuration software running on Windows98/NT/XP, adopting new technologies such as multi-threading and COM components, making full use of the graphic editing functions of Windows, which can conveniently form the monitoring screen, with rich device drivers, flexible configuration and data linking functions, which can greatly shorten the development time of the construction of the monitoring system and ensure the quality of the system. It can greatly shorten the development time and ensure the quality of the system.

T8311 communication between Configuration King and PLC adopts PPI communication protocol. The king communicates with PLC through the serial port and accesses the relevant register address of PLC to get the status of the device controlled by PLC or modify the value of the relevant register. It is not necessary to write programs to read or write PLC registers in the actual programming process. The configuration king provides a data definition method, and after defining the I/O variables, the variable names can be used directly for system control, operation display, trend analysis, data logging and alarm display.

T8311 According to the actual requirements of monitoring, the designed software realizes the following functions: the process flow is animated, which can visualize the operation of each transfer line, pump and motor, as well as the number of oil pipes in the hot wash tank and the shift production. In addition, for different operators, different system operation rights and passwords are set, and system operation help is given, and so on.