ICS TRIPLEX T8403C Electrical Isolation Module


Technical Parameters

◆ Interface: TTL, RS-232, RS-485 by user’s choice;
◆ Transmit and receive as a whole, half-duplex communication, data sending and receiving conversion is completed automatically, as long as the interface to receive / send data, conversion time is short;
◆ Can be used for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, multi-point-to-point and other communication combinations.
◆ Transparent data transmission, can transmit longer data frames;

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ICS TRIPLEX T8403C Electrical Isolation Module

T8403C in the RTU of the four remote operation, because the PLC level as well as the power capacity with the operation of the equipment can not be exactly the same, coupled with the requirements of electrical isolation, it is necessary to increase the auxiliary potential conversion, power amplification, electrical isolation and other modules and devices.

T8403C for remote control, when the PLC receives a switching command, the output point to the internal power supply path is turned on or off, if you directly use the output current of the output point to operate the switching device, the power is simply not enough. Therefore, the output point of the PLC can be used as an excitation power supply for a low-power relay to control the opening and closing of the normally open or normally closed contacts of the relay, and then the relay to control the operating power supply of the distribution switch of the distribution network, so that the distribution switch is operated, and the line or the distribution equipment is put into operation.