ICS TRIPLEX T9402 PLC control system


Technical Parameters

◆ High-capacity onboard DDR memory: 128-256Mbyte
◆ On-chip disk support: 2-256M eDisks
◆ Supports Windows XP, XPE, WINCE6.0 and Linux.
◆ Standard parallel port, 2 serial ports, 2 USB ports
◆ On-board IDE hard disc drive interface available

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ICS TRIPLEX T9402 PLC control system

ICS TRIPLEX T9402 and PLC control system connected to the various types of signal transmission lines, in addition to the transmission of all kinds of effective information, there will always be external interference signal intrusion. This interference mainly has two ways: one is through the transmitter power supply or common signal instrumentation power supply string into the power grid interference, which is often ignored; the second is the signal line by the space electromagnetic radiation induced interference, that is, the signal line on the external induction interference, which is often very serious.

ICS TRIPLEX T9402 by the signal introduced by the interference will cause the I / O signal work abnormally and the measurement accuracy is greatly reduced, and in serious cases will cause component damage. For poor isolation performance of the system, will also lead to mutual interference between the signals, resulting in a common ground system bus backflow, resulting in changes in logic data, error and crash. PLC control system due to the introduction of signal interference caused by the number of damage to the I / O module is quite serious, resulting in system failure is also a lot of cases.

ICS TRIPLEX T9402 to improve the electromagnetic compatibility of electronic equipment (EMC), one of the effective means of correct grounding can not only inhibit the impact of electromagnetic interference, but also inhibit the equipment to the outside of the interference; and the wrong grounding will introduce serious interference signals, so that the PLC system can not work properly.