IOP331 Temperature Detection Inverter


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IOP331 Temperature Detection Inverter

IOP331 chip maximum rated junction temperature is 150 ℃, in any operating conditions, are not allowed to exceed, otherwise to occur thermal breakdown and damage, generally to leave room for the worst conditions, the junction temperature is limited to 125 ℃ below, but the chip within the junction temperature monitoring is difficult, so the inverter IGBT module, are equipped with a temperature control switch on the surface of the heat sink, the value of 80-85 ℃, when the When the temperature reaches this temperature, it is due to overheating protection action, thus automatically stopping to ensure the safety of IGBT. Thermistors are also used.

The IOP331 is fixed directly to the heat sink, and the screws must be evenly stressed. The surface of the heat sink should be flat and clean, requiring flatness ≤ 150μm, preferably with a torque handle surface finish ≤ 6μm, at the interface to be coated with heat transfer conductive paste, the coating should be uniform, the thickness of about 150μm.

IOP331 selection of a principle is appropriate to leave a margin, so as to ensure long-term, reliable and safe operation. Operating voltage ≤ 50% -60%, junction temperature ≤ 70-80% under these conditions the device is the most secure. Constraints A, in the shutdown or overload conditions, IC to be in the safe operating zone, that is, less than 2 times the rated current value; B, IGBT peak current is based on 200% of the overload and 120% of the current pulsation rate down to the formulation of the; C, the junction temperature must be <150 ℃ or less, refers to in any case, including overload.