IS200TPROS1CBB IS230TSPRH1C MRP680538 Management Processors


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IS200TPROS1CBB IS230TSPRH1C MRP680538 Management Processors

Offering eight memory slots, it supports up to 128GB of VLP DDR3-1333 REG/ECC and up to 320Gbps of data transfer bandwidth. aTCA-N700 blades also support TCAM for fast router lookups. aTCA-N700 outperforms the competition with a powerful local management Processor (LMP) (quad-core Freescale QorIQ P2041) to outperform the competition.

This makes local management more flexible and convenient and allows the Cavium processor to focus on packet processing. Each group of NPUs has its own NOR boot flash and NAND OS flash in a redundant configuration.The LMP has two EEROMs for U-Boot image storage and two SSD devices for OS and application image storage to provide 1-to-1 hardware redundancy.

Utilising a high-performance Broadcom BCM 56842 Ethernet switch to connect the CN6880 packet processor, backplane, and IO ports, the switch fabric provides up to 320Gbps of bandwidth. For data transfer, the aTCA-N700 uses dual fibre-optic interface channels (2x 40G) in addition to the two basic interfaces (2xGbE) to provide speed and flexibility. Flexible RTM support is also available to maximise I/O density and provide up to 160 Gbps of total available bandwidth.