IS200TRLYH1BGF Smart Cell Modules


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IS200TRLYH1BGF Smart Cell Modules

IS200TRLYH1BGF Shutdown bias -5 to -15V The purpose is to shut down effectively even if noise occurs, and to reduce shutdown losses Optimal value is about -10 V. Not suitable for linear operation, only very fast switching operation with a lower 3-11 V applied to the gate. The saturation voltage drop is directly related to the size of the pass-state loss and junction temperature, hope that the smaller the better, but the price should be large. Saturation voltage drop from 1.7V-4.05V to every 0.25-0.3V for a level, from C → M ten levels.

IS200TRLYH1BGF is connected in series in the gate circuit. The purpose is to improve the steepness of the leading and trailing edges of the control pulse and to prevent oscillation and reduce the value of the sharp pulse of the IGBT collector voltage. Also, since the turn-on or turn-off of the IGBT is achieved by charging and discharging the gate circuit, the value of Rg has a great influence on the dynamic characteristics, and it may be necessary to use the buffer circuits shown in Fig. IC for these high-current dual-unit modules in the case of high dc bus voltages. In this case, the recommended combination given for the unit module may be used.

IS200TRLYH1BGF in parallel is intended to increase the operating current used, but the devices have to be matched, with a difference in Vce < 0.3V per block, and also to be used with a current reduction, 10% Ic for 600V, 15% Ic for 1200-1400V, and 20% Ic for 1700V; this set of values refers to modules ≥ 200A, and to take modules with equal or close saturation voltage drops. close to the module only. The gate control circuit should be separated, in addition to static equalisation of current, there is also the problem of dynamic equalisation of current, and make the temperature close to each other, so as not to affect the balanced distribution of current, because the IGBT is a negative resistance characteristics of the device.