IS200TTURH1CFD IS230TNTRHIC Intrinsically Safe Single Output Module


Product Parameter

16-point, 12-24 VDC current sinking output module,

2 common terminals, 0.25A/point continuous

over-current trip 0.6A min, 1.2A max,

independent over-temperature protection for each output

removable terminal block

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IS200TTURH1CFD IS230TNTRHIC Intrinsically Safe Single Output Module

IS200TTURH1CFD IS230TNTRHIC Intrinsically Safe Dual-Circuit Digital Input Module, realising two switch inputs, including jitter elimination of switch inputs, change timestamp generation, etc.; Supporting contact switches and NAMUR-type proximity switches; Hazardous Side Inputs: switches or proximity switches, with a distribution voltage of approx. 8.2V and a short-circuit current of approx. 8mA; Response Time: Inputs 20ms; with wire break detection function;

IS200TTURH1CFD IS230TNTRHIC Intrinsically Safe Single Switching Input/Output Module, realising switching input/output, including jitter elimination of switching input, change time stamp generation, and switching output calibration, diagnostics, power-down memory, power-up protection, etc.; single-point switching input or intrinsically safe power supply drive output, configurable through software; hazardous side input: switch or Proximity switch, distribution voltage max. 24V, short-circuit current about 5mA; Dangerous side output: output voltage about 24V when open circuit, output voltage >12V when current 45mA, current limit 45mA; Response time: input 20ms, output <100ms; with output retrieval and disconnection detection function;

IS200TTURH1CFD IS230TNTRHIC proposes real-time data quality stamp, which identifies the quality status of the data, combined with the hardware redundancy status, covering information such as channel failure, sampling deviation, range overrun, network status, etc., to ensure the reliability and usability of the real-time data, and to improve the security of the data references; it supports the historical record and memory analysis of the quality stamp and the real-time values;