IS200VCRCH1BBC Memory Computing Controller


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IS200VCRCH1BBC Memory Computing Controller

CPU is the core of IS200VCRCH1BBC, plays the role of nerve centre, each set of PLC has at least one CPU, which receives and stores the user program and data according to the function given by the system program of PLC, and collects the state or data sent by the field input device by scanning, and stores them in the specified registers

IS200VCRCH1BBC diagnosis of power supply and PLC internal circuit operating status and syntax error during programming, etc. After entering into operation, it reads the instruction one by one from the user program memory, analyses it and then generates the corresponding control signals according to the tasks stipulated in the instruction, and commands the relevant control circuits.

The CPU of IS200VCRCH1BBC is mainly composed of operators, controllers, registers and the data, control and status buses that realise the connection between them, and the CPU unit also includes peripheral chips, bus interfaces and related circuits. Memory is mainly used to store procedures and data, is an indispensable component of PLC.