IS215VPROH1BD Conditioning Demodulator


Product Features
>> Eight channels isolated digital signal input, isolated RS-485/232 output
>> Each input channel isolated
>> Input/Output: 3000VDC isolation
>> Over-voltage protection, reverse connection protection
>> Can read the level status of each channel through the serial interface RS-485/232 interface

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IS215VPROH1BD Conditioning Demodulator

IS215VPROH1BD Considering that the local monitoring station software only does data monitoring or a little control and relatively simple programming, the programming software of the local monitoring station can be directly in high-level language.IS215VPROH1BD The lower computer control of the system adopts Yonghong’s FBs series PLC to detect the opening of the reservoir lagoon gates and openness control, and the programming of the interface of the monitoring station is written in VB6.0. The interface programming of the monitoring station is written in VB6.0.

The main control requirement of IS215VPROH1BD system is to detect the location of the gate through an external rotary encoder of FBs-10MA, and then control the motor of the traction gate forward and reverse according to the on-site human-machine interface or the set position of the PC (5Km downstream), so as to make the gate rise or fall to the designated position. The USB port on the IS215VPROH1BD main unit is used to connect a laptop computer for commissioning.

The IS215VPROH1BD is divided into two modes, command mode and online mode. When the modem is not connected to any other device, it is in command mode, and the commands given to the modem are set or acted upon by the modem itself. When the modem is connected to other devices, the modem is in online mode, and all messages sent to the modem from the computer are transmitted to the other devices over the telephone line.