IS220PPROH1A Discrete Data Acquisition Module


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IS220PPROH1A Discrete Data Acquisition Module

IS220PPROH1A provide an adjustable high voltage power supply, there is an adjustable high voltage power supply, considering that this system completes the load test of the motor, the load must be allowed to change, so it must also be provided with an adjustable high power load, and this load must be smooth and adjustable. In this system, the load is achieved by using another load motor M2 with the same voltage and power as the motor under test. In order for the system to work as set, a PLC must be used to control it

IS220PPROH1A draws on the working principle of D flip-flop in digital circuits, every time the button I0.0 is pressed, it is equivalent to inputting a trigger pulse to the CP terminal of the flip-flop, and the lowest state of the sum will be flipped once. If Q0.0 is taken from the lowest bit, you can get the periodic state in the “0”, “1” change between the bistable signal. In order to avoid overflow of the calculation result of addition, it is judged that if the accumulation reaches the maximum value of 32767 that can be expressed by a 16-bit integer, the accumulation will be restarted.

IS220PPROH1A is a three-bit selector switch with a hold function can be selected as a hardware implementation option. Of course, you can choose the software implementation of the programme described in this paper, the same way. However, through the software, but saves the PLC input point overhead, if the PLC input is very tight, this is a proven method, the test process of each parameter must be through the measurement system and data acquisition in order to be uploaded to the supercomputer, through the implementation of configuration software monitoring.