IS220PPROS1B Multi-function electric parameter tester


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IS220PPROS1B Multi-function electric parameter tester

IS220PPROS1B motor testing is often used by ordinary pointer-type meter by manual reading, manual recording, and then manually sorted into the data and depict the curve or prepare an experimental report. Due to certain reasons such as power supply fluctuations, frequency fluctuations, load fluctuations and other factors will make the meter pointer swing, in order to be able to accurately read out a certain moment of the measured parameters, often need several people to read the meter at the same time, the work efficiency is low.

IS220PPROS1B measurement is to use a variety of electronic measuring instruments, such as multi-function electric parameter tester can measure the motor in a variety of states of the torque, speed, output power, etc., this type of instrument is generally composed of single-chip microcomputer, high measurement accuracy, the use of digital displays, functionality is more complete, to improve the degree of automation, but the handling of the data, the readings in the test process synchronisation and so on. However, the problems of data processing and synchronisation of readings during the test are still unsatisfactory.

IS220PPROS1B performs sequential action according to logical conditions and chronological action; in addition, there is control of interlocking protection actions according to logical relationships independent of sequence and chronology; and a large number of switching, pulsing, timing, counter, analogue overrun alarms, and other state-based – discrete-quantity data. Data acquisition and monitoring. As a result of these control and monitoring requirements, so the PLC developed to replace the relay line and sequence control-based products. In many years of production practice, the gradual formation of PLC, DCS and IPC three-pronged trend